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How to set Ailunce HS1/HS1 PLUS in WSJT-X

How to set Ailunce HS1/HS1 PLUS in WSJT-X

Ailunce HS1/HS1 PLUS is an SSB HF SDR ham transceiver, so we can use some computer third-party software, such as WSJT-X,and so on. today we'll show some key settings for Ailunce HS1/HS1 PLUS in WSJT-X.

1. Rig selection

For the Rig selection item, please find and select Yaesu FT-817.

2. PTT Method

Ailunce HS1 is no vox function, so please select CAT. Then if your connection is ok, when you press Test CAT it should light up green as below.

3. Audio Setting

Please set Input of Soundcard to Microphone (USB Audio Device); set Output of Soundcard to Speakers (USB Interface mcHF). If the settings are all correctly, we should have sound  from Ailunce HS1 as below.

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