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Why is the actual output power of your walkie-talkie so low?

Why is the actual output power of your walkie-talkie so low?

In order to communicate with more hams, when we choose walkie-talkies, we will like to choose the highest output power as much as possible when permitted by law. However, sometimes the actual power is much lower than the nominal power. Why or how can we obtain higher output power?

Fully charged battery

We know the power formula: P=(U2)/R, so only when the battery is sufficient and the voltage reaches the nominal value can the output power be higher.

Choose the suitable antenna

When choosing an antenna, the first thing we should pay attention to is the impedance matching of the antenna. For example, Ailunce HD1 can only match the antenna with an impedance of 50 ohms; secondly, the frequency band selection of the antenna is also very important. The closer the transmit frequency is to the center frequency of the antenna, the smaller the standing wave of the antenna, and the higher the available output power, and the higher the working efficiency of the walkie-talkie.

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