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Why do hospitals need walkie-talkies?

Why do hospitals need walkie-talkies?

With the continuous improvement of walkie-talkie functions, we have seen walkie-talkies in different industries and fields. Whether it is a sudden epidemic or daily communication scheduling, we have found that the role of walkie-talkies in medical scenarios is becoming increasingly prominent.

1. What are the problems in hospital communication?

The hospital has a large flow of people and intensive gatherings, especially when the hospital is at the peak of treatment. The voice of medical staff, the voice of nurses, and the voice of doctors and family members flooded the entire ward. The ward has taken measures to strengthen noise prevention management and improve work processes. Among them, the use of "intercom" as a communication tool in the ward not only significantly reduces the noise in the ward; the nurses use the walkie-talkie in the ward to work more effectively Provide patients with a more comfortable nursing environment.

2. the benefits of using walkie-talkies in hospitals

In the daily work of nursing, nurses shuttle busily between wards, and they need to communicate in real-time basically by "calling." Especially during peak periods, the ward has a lot of people flowing, and the sound of the pager makes the whole ward seem chaotic. In order to improve this situation, a walkie-talkie is used instead of daily oral communication, which can create a quiet rest environment for the ward.

The department reduces the sound of the pager to satisfy office use. When a patient needs help, when receiving a new patient number, when a doctor issues an emergency medical order, or when a nurse cannot walk away in the ward and needs help from other nurses, it can be transmitted in real-time through the walkie-talkie.

A small walkie-talkie can make the environment of the department quieter, rescue more timely, and work more accurate, so that the efficiency of department care is greatly improved, and the patient's recuperation environment is improved. "Comfortable" ward. 

In the epidemic prevention and control stage, when there is a problem that needs to be solved urgently, if you use a mobile phone to contact, if the other party is busy, you need to make a few calls without saying it, and the efficiency is relatively low. If you use WeChat to contact, you may not pay attention when you are busy. It also affects work efficiency. The choice of walkie-talkie equipment can well avoid the problems of mobile phones and WeChat and ensure the timely delivery of information.

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