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Why does the walkie-talkie have no distance parameter?

Why does the walkie-talkie have no distance parameter?

Communication distance is an important indicator of walkie-talkies, but why is there no distance parameter in the parameters of walkie-talkies? There are also some descriptions that have a distance description, but the range is very large, such as 2~5 kilometers or 5~10 kilometers. How should I understand this communication distance?
As a kind of ultra-short wave communication equipment, walkie-talkie's transmission distance will be affected by many factors such as walkie-talkie power, antenna gain, surrounding obstacles, use height, etc., so it is difficult to say how far a walkie-talkie's communication distance is, and The distance described by the seller will also generally bring a specific scenario, or directly say how far the communication distance is in an ideal environment.
The transmission power is the most important basic parameter of the walkie-talkie. The size of the power will directly affect the stability of the signal and the transmission distance. Simply put, the greater the power, the longer the communication distance.
Some people will say, can I do high power with a handheld console? First of all, the country has regulations on the power of hand-held stations. The power of hand-held stations is generally around 5W. In addition, technically, hand-held stations cannot achieve high power. After the power is large, many radiation parameters will not meet the standards. . Furthermore, if the transmitting power is too large, it not only consumes power, affects the life of the original power amplifier, but also has strong interference, affects the call effect of others, and also produces radiation pollution. So although power can affect the distance and effect of the call, we cannot blindly pursue high power.

Obstacles will affect the signal transmission distance of the walkie-talkie, such as buildings, trees, etc., will absorb and obstruct the radio waves emitted by the walkie-talkie, so the use of the walkie-talkie in urban areas will greatly reduce the communication distance. This is also related to the wavelength of the walkie-talkie. UHF has a high wave frequency and strong penetrating ability. Therefore, in the city, we should choose a UHF radio. The wave frequency of VHF is relatively low, and the diffraction ability is strong, which is more suitable for outdoor suburbs.
The height of use has a great influence on the radio, the higher the place it is used, the farther the signal will be transmitted.
It is difficult for us to say clearly how far the actual call distance of the walkie-talkie is. Generally, the distance given by the seller is only an approximate distance or a theoretical distance.

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