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Who Uses Walkie-talkies when Cell Phones are So Powerful?

Who Uses Walkie-talkies when Cell Phones are So Powerful?

When it comes to walkie-talkies, someone always makes fun of them:

Why bring a walkie-talkie when you can talk on your phone?

Ailunce Walkie Talkie

You don't understand walkie talkie at all.

It's ok to chat, FB, twitter and play games on your phone, but when it comes to a critical moment (such as a sudden power cut or the interruption of the Internet), your phone will instantly become a "pig teammate", no matter what brand mobile phone you use, it will all become a brick.

By contrast, walkie talkies don't have to rely on a network of stations. Just make sure it is charged fully, you can get a good connection, regardless of where you go.

Ailunce Walkie Talkie

If this doesn't make you fell walkie talkie is great, then I'll have to bring out the best people to speak for our walkie-talkie.


Military, police and security personnel

Ailunce Walkie Talkie

As early as in the war period, the walkie talkie has been widely used in the war. It can be said that "war achievement". Until today, the walkie talkie is still the standard configuration in the police and army, and the "military-grade standard" has become a clear boundary between military intercom and civilian intercom.

Ailunce Walkie Talkie

In addition to the heroic police officers in the Hong Kong drama police drama, in real life, from the army soldiers to the public security police, including the security of the building, patrol police are inseparable from the intercom.

Service personnel

Large business and government employees

Ailunce Walkie Talkie

The biggest difference between a walkie-talkie and a mobile phone is that the mobile phone can accompany you: eat, sleep and play games, more like a "playmate". A walkie-talkie is more like a like-minded "buddy."

Ailunce Walkie Talkie

Especially in large shopping malls, construction sites, logistics, transportation, and other work scenes that often need to be scheduled, many industrial and commercial or government departments will purchase walkie-talkie equipment for employees, which, like computers and uniforms, has become an indispensable tool in the production service industry.

A hiker, a cyclist

Outdoor activity player

Ailunce Walkie Talkie

It is often said that there are three treasures in outdoor travel: tent, compass, and walkie talkie.

In recent years, as the country continues to advocate the concept of "low carbon and environmental protection", such outdoor projects as self-driving, hiking, and cross-country have become very popular.

Ailunce Walkie Talkie

More and more travelers will add a walkie-talkie to their travel list, which will make them even crazier. The mobile platform, the car platform, and the same frequency repeater are all available, in order to keep in touch with their teammates and ensure that they are not left behind.


Radio amateur

Ailunce Walkie Talkie

"HAM" means radio amateur. This group of people is the "true love" of the radio equipment!

Rather than pursuing ready-made products on the market, "ham" advocates do-it-yourself. They can often spend the whole day in the room tinker with equipment, or secretly go to the roof of the community to set up the antenna...

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