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What Aspects Should be Paid Attention to When Installing a Mobile Radio?

What Aspects Should be Paid Attention to When Installing a Mobile Radio?

Host installation method

An important principle to be followed by the host installation is to be able to provide enough heat dissipation space because when the radio host is in the transmitting state, the heat is very large. Some drivers install the host directly in the glove box of the center console, or the location of the ashtray, which looks convenient and is in harmony with the car environment, but this installation cannot solve the heat dissipation problem well.

Generally speaking, the installation method of the main unit should be separated from the panel, which is not only convenient but also does not take up space. Many cars on the market now adopt a split design, so that the main unit can be hoisted under the seat.

If the spring under the seat is not wrapped, you can directly fix the host fixing bracket between the spring and the seat sponge, and use the tension of the sponge to easily fix the bracket without tightening. Once maintenance is needed, the host and bracket can be easily removed, and the connection of the power cord and the control line is also more convenient.

If there are equipment such as air conditioning ducts for the rear seats under the front seats, or there are many electrical pieces of equipment under the seats, you can choose to install the host under the dashboard of the cab or in the trunk. The trunk is a very good choice, with large space and good heat dissipation.

If the host is placed in the trunk, its power cord will be very long, and the wiring needs to be carefully designed. Never use a connector in the middle of the line. If you must use a connector, don't simply twist the two power cords together. It is best to use a wire plug or solder to connect.


Panel installation method

The basic principle of panel installation is to facilitate viewing, adjustment, and maintenance. The panel itself does not generate much heat, so there is no need to consider so many heat dissipation issues. For ease of use, it is recommended to choose a hand microphone with buttons, which can reduce the frequency of using the panel to adjust.

Considering the later maintenance and testing, some car users will directly fix the panel on the center console. This is easy, but it should be crying when it is removed. If the double-sided tape is used, it is best to choose a reusable one, which is easier to disassemble.

In addition, a spare panel and host cable should be reserved for inspection or maintenance.


Power wiring

In addition to considering the installation location of the host and the panel, the power cord and feeder wiring connected to it should also be considered. Generally speaking, the side strips of the bottom frame of each cab door can be removed, and there is original, the cable trough is more concealed from there, and it is not easy to damage the cable.

It should be noted that when connecting the power cord, try not to take power from the cigarette lighter or other power equipment in the car, because the power consumption of the car is very large, and the instantaneous current is also very large. You must take power directly from the battery, and a 10A fuse box must be connected in series within a distance of 20cm from the battery, and then the power cord must be led into the cab. Otherwise, once the power cord is short-circuited, the power cord will immediately burn and catch fire, which will pose a great safety hazard to the entire vehicle and the drivers and passengers.

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