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Super-Full Radio Usage Skills During Multi-Vehicle Travel

Super-Full Radio Usage Skills During Multi-Vehicle Travel

Nowadays, many car friends have various self-driving FB activities, and many car friends organize their colleagues, relatives, and friends to drive together so that there will be problems with communication requirements between vehicles, radio will play a very important role in self-driving and multi-vehicle travel.

Maybe some friends will say that there are mobile phones now, why use the radio? Today we will talk about the shortcomings of mobile phone communication in multi-vehicle travel.

  1. Mobile phones are generally one-to-one communication, and multi-vehicle travel requires one-to-many communication. The radio can communicate one-to-one and one-to-many
  2. Long-term use of mobile phones will generate a lot of communication costs, and radio stations do not incur costs during communication.
  3. In suburban areas and mountainous areas where the mobile phone has no signal, the mobile phone cannot work when the communication network cannot cover it. The radio can communicate without a station or network
  4. The mobile phone needs to dial the number before each call, and the response speed is not as good as the radio station. The radio station only needs to press the PTT button (transmit button) to make the call


Intra-communication rules of multi-vehicle travel.

Multi-vehicle definition:

  1. Generally, more than three cars are called multi-vehicle
  2. If there are more than 6 cars, they will be divided into groups, and every 6 cars will be divided into groups. If 30 vehicles travel, they are divided into 5 groups

The task of the leader of the multi-vehicle:

The leader of the car is generally the manager of the organization. The driver needs to have experience, the car should be in good condition, and the radio power should be large.

The driver of the leading vehicle is responsible for the speed of the entire convoy, and the co-driver of the vehicle in front is responsible for the following matters:

⑴Radio communication

⑵Report the road conditions ahead

⑶Report the speed of the preceding vehicle to the whole fleet

⑷Watch the frequency, any situation of the following vehicle should be discussed and decided with the driver

⑸When there is a call from a friend station, it is responsible for responding, and if there is no call sign, another person can be appointed instead


Tasks of team members:

The tasks of team members are mainly to listen to instructions, do not transmit unless special circumstances. If there is an emergency, you need to call the leader and inform you of the specific situation. When passing through toll stations or important intersections, you must report it on the radio.

If too many vehicles have been grouped, the leader of the group is responsible for reporting the passing situation of the whole group.

The task of the tailing vehicle of the convoy:

The driver needs to have experience, the vehicle condition needs to be good, and the radio power needs to be large. Act as the leader in an emergency.

Mainly report whether the fleet has left behind, emergency stop, when passing through toll gates or important intersections, report the passing situation through the radio and remind the team to pay attention to the overtaking of vehicles from outside members, etc.

In order to increase the pleasure of traveling and reduce the fatigue of long-distance driving, riders can appropriately joke on the frequency but do not personally attack and talk about personal privacy, because the open frequency may be watched at any time, and frequent occupation of frequency is not only It will affect the safety of the fleet, and in severe cases, it will burn the radio station (continuous high-power transmission)~

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