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What's the NXDN

What's the NXDN

NXDN is short for Next Generation Digital Network, and a type of digital technology like DMR.

The NXDN is FDMA-based and was developed to satisfy the FCC “refarming” mandate that called for all LMR use in the VHF and UHF bands to shift to narrowband capability. It can enhance operations and provide clearer and more efficient communication between users. While primarily targeted as a solution for business and industry market segments, the acceptance of NXDN worldwide has now reached a level where virtually all market segments including public safety entities are using NXDN™.

These two types of trunking are called NXDN Type-C and NXDN Type-D. Type-C uses a centralized control channel whereas Type-D does not use a control channel. Most of these trunking systems feature automatic roaming, individual group and call capability, short text, GPS, and many other features. NXDN could be the right digital technology for you if you are looking for these key features in your digital technology.

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