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The Specification of the use of Walkie-Talkie in the Motorcade Travel

The Specification of the use of Walkie-Talkie in the Motorcade Travel

What I want to share with you today is the specification of the use of walkie-talkie in motorcade travel. You must know that the mobile radio is not only about buying and installing, but also about the way of speaking during communication.

  1. The purpose of walkie-talkie communication is to indicate the direction of travel, road conditions, and report emergencies. When traveling in a fleet, the only code for each vehicle is the vehicle number, and you can call the code directly when communicating (for example, this is car No. 1).
  2. When making a sharp turn or passing an intersection, the driver should not operate the walkie-talkie but should pay attention to the road conditions and ensure safety.
  3. Under normal circumstances, during the driving of the motorcade, the leading and trailing vehicles should maintain communication, and the other vehicles should keep listening. The leader should report the road conditions at any time, and the task of the trailing vehicle is to report the overtaking situation. The leader can report the speed from time to time for the team as a reference. After that, the chaser will report its own speed, and the other cars do not need to report the speed.GMRS mobile Radio RA25
  4. When the road conditions are smooth, teammates can use the walkie-talkie to chat appropriately but do not involve sensitive topics such as religion or politics. You do not need to report the car number when chatting, just insert it directly. Don't occupy the frequency for a long time, can't play music, whistle, and impolite insertion. There should be a one-second interval when chatting. When encountering a situation, you should stop the small chat immediately and give up the frequency.
  5. When the motorcade passes through toll gates and traffic lights, try to pass through as many as possible gates to improve the efficiency of the passage. After passing, each vehicle reports "pass", and the trailing vehicle keeps the last one to pass and reports "pass".
  6. If a vehicle in the fleet breaks down, the faulty vehicle must promptly report the situation to the leader. After receiving the situation, the leader will respond as soon as possible, and find a suitable place for the fleet to park, and decide to deal with it according to the specific situation of the faulty vehicle.
  7. During the driving process, the team members are not allowed to overtake each other. If there are special reasons, they can leave the team after the lead vehicle agrees. When encountering outside vehicles overtaking the motorcade, the best way is to slow down and give way. Don't shout "Personal heroism and liberalism first" at this time!

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