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Why use Temperature Control Fan on RetevisRT73?

Why use Temperature Control Fan on RetevisRT73?

Do you know there is an temperature control fan on the back of RetevisRT73? When the temperature gets to 50℃, The fan will start to spin. But do you know what is the benefit to use temperature control fan?

The vehicle-mounted radio also mobile radio refers to a radio walkie-talkie that can be installed on vehicles, ships, airplanes and other vehicles, is directly powered by an external power source, and uses an external antenna.

The thermal effect of the current will convert the electrical energy into heat when the current passes through the conductor. Due to the internal resistance of the power supply and electrical components of the vehicle-mounted station, the vehicle-mounted station will emit heat after being used for a period of time. In order to dissipate the heat inside the vehicle-mounted station in time, Generally, a cooling fan is used to speed up the air flow in the vehicle station to speed up the heat dissipation of the equipment in the vehicle station.

However, sometimes the ambient temperature is relatively low, the vehicle-mounted station is in a standby state, and the heat generated by the device is slower than the speed of heat exchange with the surrounding air. At this time, the cooling fan continues to work with the original power, which is undoubtedly a waste of energy.

The temperature-controlled cooling fan can control the air pressure and air volume of the fan through the temperature change in the vehicle-mounted station to achieve the effect of energy saving.

The working principle of the temperature-controlled cooling fan: the intelligent wind that relies on the increase in temperature around the cooling fan to speed up its speed and increase the flow of air.

It uses an electric thermistor on the fan to sense the change in air temperature around the fan, and sense it with the wire. When the fan is running, it runs at a slower speed. The fan will produce less noise and consume less energy of.

When the temperature-controlled fan is running, if the thermistor feels that the temperature is high, it will run at a faster speed; When the temperature is lower, it will run at a lower speed; In the middle of these higher and lower, the fan speed will hardly change due to temperature. When the temperature of the fan changes slowly, the speed of the fan changes slowly, and the speed and noise of the fan will not suddenly change. The length of the reaction time mainly depends on the sensitivity of its sensor to heat induction.

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