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What to pay attention to when using the electron tube amplifier

What to pay attention to when using the electron tube amplifier

The Electron tube power amplifier is the most common power amplifier of hams. we summarize some precautions when use the Electron tube power amplifier in the blog.

Ensure the power bearability of the antenna system

The output power of radios will increase a lot if we use the power amplifier, so we need to ensure that the antenna balun and vibrator can withstand the amplified power impact, so as not to damage the antenna, or even the radios.

SWR can't be too high

The SWR of the antenna system should be kept below 1:1.5, otherwise the tube will be easily detuned during tuning, causing the screen to become red, or even damage the tube in severe cases.

Keep the temperature of the elctron tube PA be low

It is important to choose a good ventilation and heat dissipation environment for the placement of the tube power amplifier. because the too high temperature of the tube will shorten its user life.You must pay attention to the appropriate space around, especially the upper space, and leave more space, through good convection and ventilation;
When in use, please observe the working condition of the power amplifier at all times, and check whether the tube is not bright or the screen is red from the heat dissipation observation hole. Once it occurs, immediately power off and stop using it to cool down.

Shock protection

Compared with other electrical equipment, electronic tubes are more afraid of vibration. so it is necessary to take anti-vibration measures. Therefore, it is best to place the electronic power amplifier on a certain level and try to ensure that it works in a stable environment; when we need to move them, it is best to remove the electronic tube and transport it separately in a box with shockproof sponge.

Release the electrical energy on the high-voltage capacitor during maintenance

When removing the power amplifier cover to do maintenance, please pay attention to first use a long screwdriver to release the electrical energy on the high-voltage capacitor to prevent high-voltage electric shocks.

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