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What's the DIR information of Ailunce HS2?

What's the DIR information of Ailunce HS2?

Have you tried to check the DIR item of your Ailunce HS2? there are many parameters to show. do you know what they mean?

1. 0.202km/h: it's the speed. If you're moving, you can know your speed here;

2. 6:48:44: it's the GPS timing. the time can't be adjusted. it's sent by GPS satellite automatically;

3. num:5: it's the number of GPS satellite;

4. P:-1.311: it's the Horizontal angle;

5. R:-0.311: it's the Elevation angle;

6. N: 45.07155: it's the latitude;

7. 3526m: It's the altitude;

8. E:7.59870: it's the longitude.

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