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What's VFO?

What's VFO?

At present, many amateur radios on the market not only have CH mode but also VFO mode. CH mode is also called Memory mode. In the mode, all commonly used channels that have been programmed in software can be displayed. So what is the VFO mode?

VFO is the abbreviation of Variable Frequency Oscillator. When the walkie-talkie is in VFO mode, its TX and RX frequencies are adjustable in the specified range, which is also called frequency mode.

As the first-stage variable frequency local oscillator of the radio, the variable frequency oscillator can determine the first intermediate frequency of the transmitting frequency and the receiving frequency. Compare with Variable Frequency Oscillator mode, the frequency of CH mode is not adjustable. but the VFO mode we call in amateur radio is actually not only an oscillator in function. In addition to adjusting the first IF frequency, it can also record the current frequency mode and the set value of some functions, even we can save directly as a Memory channel on the walkie-talkie. 

The emergence of VFO mode is a very important function for hams who often make QSO outdoor. At present, the radio station with VFO function can not only adjust the TX and RX frequencies but also set the bandwidth, working mode, and other information of channels. Many walkie-talkies can also scan and store temporary receiving channels in VFO mode, which greatly increases everyone's interest in amateur radio.

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