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Make a Unique Callsign Sticker for Ailunce HD1

Make a Unique Callsign Sticker for Ailunce HD1

When you want to buy an unique radio, do you want to make it more special? Ailunce will meet all your needs. 

Leave message to us when you ordering the HD1. Tell us your callsign and you want to get an extra callsign sticker. We will add an extra callsign sticker in your package as gift. You can change the sticker by yourself when received and stick it on the body of the HD1 anywhere.

The unique sticker only for HD1 radio. If you've already bought the HD1 before, but really want to get one extra sticker. Please contacts us. 


Comment user

Enzo Pianelli

Bought my Aliunce HD1 from the Retevis Store about two weeks ago. I didn’t get a call sign sticker. Can you please tell me how to get one. KN4UTW. Thanks

Comment author

Yolanda Author

Hello, If the seller promise to send one callsign sticker to you, you can contact the seller. Or You can buy one from ailunce website. 73s

Comment user

Raul Rodriguez

I haven’t received my HD1 it’s in transit. How can I get a callsign sticker sent to me? WA4TPR. Address on QRZ.COM 73’s Raul

Comment author

aliunce Author

Email to you, please check your email.

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