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How to save memory channel on Ailunce HS2

How to save memory channel on Ailunce HS2

After upgrade the AilunceHS2 firmware V1.32, you can save memory channels on AilunceHS2. Today, let us learn how to save memory channels on HS2.

Firstly, you should upgrade your HS2 firmware to V1.32. Download link:https://www.ailunce.com/Support/HS2/Software

The firmware upgrade operation please refer to the blog:https://www.ailunce.com/blog/How-to-upgrade-AilunceHS2-ffrmware

How to save memory channel?

1.Long press AF switch channel mode and frequency mode.

2.Long press the Left and right arrow keys to make the channel number red. then short press the menu key to make the channel number green. Then short press the up and down key to switch channel.

3.Change channel name: long press left and right arrow key to make the channel name red. Short press the menu key to make the channel name green. At this time,the channel name input box will be appear. Enter the channel name. 

  1. 4.Input method: currently only supports letter and number symbol input.

Long press the number 1 key to switch between uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation. Short press mode key means delete.

Under punctuation mode, Press the decimal point key on the left keyboard, Continuous short press,The characters are:【, . ? ! : ; ' " ( ) < > [ ] { } $ % @ * + - = ~ 】etc. If wrong, short press mode key to delete.

In the letter state, The number keys’ meaning: 2=ABC 3=DEF 4=GHI 5=JKL 6=MNO 7=PQRS 8=TUV 9=WXYZ.

In the digital state, they correspond to the corresponding numbers.

  1. 5.Short press menu key to confirm. At this time, adjust the frequency, mode, and other corresponding parameters.
  2. All the operations will be saved automatically after turn off the radio.

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