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Ailunce HD1 Software and Firmware Revisions Records

Ailunce HD1 Software and Firmware Revisions Records

Firmware Revisions

Firmware Version 1.60. 

1. GPS version Added APRS function. 
2. Address the false frozen issue when adding address book group contacts in the Rx list via radio menu.

Firmware V1.58

support to upload 200,000 DMR contacts.

Firmware v1.54

1.Add DTMF Keyboard Dialing. 
Number 0-9 = DTMF dial number 0-9. 
Menu button=A 
Up button=B 
Down button=C 
Exit button=D 
#&Lock button=F
Press PTT and then dial your DTMF number. 

2. The talk permit tone wont plays before the repeater fail tone when HD1 transmit to a repeater. 

3. Resolved the problem When switch time slot on VFO B the display won't refresh.

4. Resolved the problem when set analog channel CTCSS to D432N, the setting is not memorialized and go back to D023N.

5. When turn off the radio and power on again in channel mode scanning, resolved the set backlight will change to always. 

6. Resolved the problem when main channel is DMR repeater, sub channel is a analog simplex channel, radio will not receive signals from time to time. 

7.Adjusted scanning speed.

8.Resolved the problem when transmit to a repeater, needs to press PTT more times. 

Firmware V1.53 

1. Radio screen can display below 4 modes. 
Display VFO-A | VFO-B
Display VFO-A | CH-B
Display CH-A | VFO-B
Display CH-A | CH-B
2. Add Mic Gain setting on the radio.
3. Increase Mic gain internal value and add internal mic gain protection

4. Repeater tone is free from beep restrictions.
5. Set the GPS report contacts on the radio.
6. Show TS1 or TS2 on the radio main screen.

7. Improve the squelch function

8. Address when setting the CTCSS, after the first time receives, there will no audio when a signal is coming, unless you press PTT again.

Firmware 1.48

1. Battery percentage and battery symbol match better.
2. Add radio input question mark "?"
3. Revise some frozen up situation.
4. Improve drop receive. 
5. Repeater connection more stable.
6. When scanning, press up and down key to switch direction. when scanned, support press up and down key to skip the scanned frequency or channel.

Firmware V1.47

1. Support adjust Mic Gain on Software
2. Improved the random frozen up.
3. Receive signal is black, more visible

Note:Mic Gain, it only workable with firmware V1.47 or above. 

Firmware 1.46

1. Add "Delete All" in Message.
2. Can show zone name, but only display 7 characters.
3. Support to set GPS information via radio keypad.
4. Connect to repeater more stablely.
5. The backlight wont light when scanning.

Firmware Version V1.45

1. The "missed call window" disappear when a call end.
2. Issue the Receive drops out the problem.
3. Improved the randomly frozen problem. 

Firmware V1.40

1. Address the problem when frequency step is 12.5k cant change frequency to 439.8875 for example. 
2. Address the problem when send private call on Time Slot 2, it always sent in time Slot 1. 

Firmware version V1.37

1.Call log will show any call type, not only Private Call. 
2.When connect repeater fail, it will show”Rprt Fail” not”Relay Fail”.
3.Communicate end, it will delay 5s to show the contacts information. If someone dont want this delay, press exit will back to the screen.
4.The call log display the full screen.
5.Remove the top sign “DMR” or “FM” to the bottom, then the channel name will display 12 characters. 

Firmware V1.3.6.
Address the problem when sending a message from Motorola to HD1 unreadable.

Firmware V1.3.4

 improve the problem when transmit and receive sometimes sharp sound from the speaker.  

Firmware V1.32

Address the V1.31 Firmware issue transmitting frequency error in vfo mode.

Firmware 1.2.9

The problem with the audio at the beginning and the end of a broadcast has been fixed.  

Software Revisions

Software V2.08 

1. Resolved the problem after using 'Save as', the new filename does not become active.
2. Adjusted the speed switch zone via side key. 

3. Adjusted Rx group lists settings.

 Software v2.05

1. If contacts were modified in Channel, there would be several duplicated channel numbers in ZONE. 
2. when you move channels up or down in the channel list, there would be duplicated channels in zone.
3. Cant delete channels which is not used in zones.

Software version 2.04

1. when import the chnanel csv into CPS, the encode number is 1.0. 
2. Fix the problem when add or insert channels upsets the zones.

Software V2.03 Issue the problem when add new zones,nothing display on the radio.

 Software V2.02
1. Improve zone setting. The zone channel does not change with channel insertion and deletion.
2. Add zone sort, up and down.
3. Add zone channel sort, up and down.
4. Add low power voice prompt tone.
5. Address the issue when import a new channel CSV file that can't cover the whole original one.
6. Improve basic setting features description.

Software V1.98 

1. Add Talk permit tone, Channel free tone, Repeater connect tone, repeater fails tone.
2. Add permit tone select on-off for analog and digital

3. Add “No RX Info when operating Menu”, Radio can check if you are in the menu to judge display the RX info or not.

4. Add functions for Side key setting 
Zone Plus 
Zone Minus
DMR Slot
Manual Dial

Software V1.93

1. Addressed the channel frequency will add 5 when it is non-correct with the step defined. 

2. Addressed one key call message will be empty when reopen.

Software V1.92

1. Add "Prohibit TX" in analog mode

2. Address priority contacts import issue 
3. Address the issue when software show error message, the software will crash.

Software 1.90

1. Priority contacts support import and export by CSV file.
2. In all channels(no zone), only scan the channel checked "Add Scan".

Software V1.89

1. Add Mic Gain
2. Spread Frequency up to 520MHz

software V1.87

Support to show the .tw file name.  

Software 1.86

1.Changed battery saved startup times to A/B band switch time. Improve the drop out in dual band.
2.Address the problem when insert one channel, other channels will lost randomly.
3.Add Mouse wheel in channel information.
4.Add "Caller display time". You can adjust display time of the receive screen after one call finish.
5.Changed "date Loading, please later" to Loading data, Please wait.
6.Addressed the work alone can not checked or unchecked issue.

Software V1.67

2. SideKey Setting:Repeater/Talkaround will not display"Trunk on".
3. Can Sort zone selected member. 

Software V1.65

Address the problem in digital data section cant keep the channel contacts.

Software V1.61.
Change Log: 1.Address the issue Export Address Book Contacts no data.
2.Add new function: import or export Channels information.

Software V1.60

1. Change boot page. The picture requirement: 160*128 pixel, 24-bit depth,.BMP format. 
2. Issue the problem sometimes can read data from the radio but can't write to the radio. 
3. For priority contacts, add two buttons"Add" and "Del". Not only add priority contacts via CPS but also add contacts on radio panel. Improve ID-Sort and Contacts Alias Sort. 

Software V1.56

Issue the problem when reading address book contacts from radio nothing appears.

Software V1.55 


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