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Why need to upgrade the firmware of the walkie-talkie?

Why need to upgrade the firmware of the walkie-talkie?

For amateur radio, whether to support firmware upgrades is a very important feature. Firmware refers to a collection of software embedded in the hardware of walkie-talkie, similar to EPROM, EEPROM, or flash memory. So, why does the walkie-talkie need to upgrade its firmware?

Fix minor issues reported by customers

Hams is a group that has a certain professional basic knowledge and is keen to play or study. So in the process of using, some minor problems or some adjustments need to be made to make the playability stronger. For example, customers reported that when Ailunce HD1 switched from the channel mode to the frequency mode, the sub-tone setting failed. We solved this problem by upgrading the firmware.

Add executable new functions on the basis of existing hardware

With the development of the amateur radio market, many new features are constantly emerging. In order to adapt to the market, we can confirm whether new functions can be added to the existing hardware based on the new function points feedback from customers. Relatively developing new products can not only shorten the development cycle and save development costs, but also quickly occupy the functional market.
However, these new functions must be realized through firmware upgrades on the basis of the original hardware. For example, Ailunce HD1 adds the DTMF function in firmware version 1.5.4; in firmware version 1.5.8, it adds the contact import function for the first time.

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