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Why need to set time slot

Why need to set time slot

When setting the DMR channel, in addition to the color code setting, we also need to set the time slot. We know that the color code is set to reduce co-channel interference, so why set the time slot?

The DMR walkie-talkie protocol uses a dual-slot TDMA time division multiple access technology. Many people share a resource and use the time-sharing method for processing. The time slots of the two TDMA physical channels are identified as channels "1" and "2". In other words, each frequency has a time slot 1 and a time slot 2, and the 1 time slot is equivalent to a channel. It allows several users to use a channel together, and each user uses their own time slot for rapid and continuous transmission, that is said the time slot 1 and time slot 2 can work at the same time to achieve duplex communication, or two-time slots to send data information at the same time; also Only one of the time slots can work, and the other time slot is free or used as a reverse channel. This allows multiple radios to use the same channel while using only part of the channel capacity.


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Tell me how time slot is configured? How do I set the maximum listening frequency ? Are there alternative firmware for automatic scanning and settings? For example, like Baofeng?

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