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Which Walkie-Talkie Charging Method Do You Like?

Which Walkie-Talkie Charging Method Do You Like?

A two-way radio (or walkie-talkie) is now a common part of everyday life, regardless of whether it is used for personal or professional purposes. and now there have many charing method for different walkie talkies. 

1.AC integrated charger.  If there is no power of your walkie talkie, even though you are use the walkie talkie outside, you need to carry this desk charger with the radio. 

2. Desktop charger with a USB interface.


3. Micro USB Cable as a charging cable. This is very convenient to charge your walkie talkie anywhere, in the car, charge with a power bank, laptap. 

4. the very popular charging method is the USB Type-C charging. With it, you can easily connect to any equipment or device.  plug in a USB device, including a laptop, a power bank, or even your car’s USB port, use the USB port.

5. there have two kinds of Type-C charging interface, one kind the type-c charging interface is one the right side of the radio. another kind the type-C charging interface is at the back of the radio battery. 

I think the type-c charging interface at the back of the battery is much better than the interdace on the side of the radio. Walkie-talkie batteries can be recharged without a charger as long as they are rechargeable.  Do you think so? 

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