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Scanning for CTCSS and DCS Tones/Codes on Retevis RT85

Scanning for CTCSS and DCS Tones/Codes on Retevis RT85

As we all known, many analog repeaters have their own frequency and CTCSS Tone, and the frequency maybe always the one many people already remembered, but not the CTCSS/DCS tone. So now, if your radio can scan for a CTCSS/DCS tone, that will be very useful. Today, let us see the CTCSS/DCS scanning on Retevis RT85. 

The CTCSS/DCS scan can be use on VFO and channel mode. and their should have a CTCSS.DCS tone active for the current VFO or channel mode. 

1. Press the F button to find the menu 29" SEEK", it will broadcast "scan CTCSS".

2. Press the F button again, it will begin to scan the CTCSS/DCS, when there is a signal, it will stop scanning. and if the signal disappear, it will scan again automatically, until you save this CTCSS/DCS for this current VFO/channel. 

Video show.

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