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How to change the poweron logo on Retevis RT5R by Chirp

How to change the poweron logo on Retevis RT5R by Chirp

CHIRP is a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models, as well as provides a way to interface with multiple data sources and formats. and now there are many Retevis radios support program by Chirp. 


  • H777
  • H777 (FRS) (use Retevis H777 Plus)
  • H777 Plus
  • RB17/RB17A/RB17V
  • RB18
  • RB26
  • RB27/RB27B/RB27V
  • RB617
  • RB618
  • RB627B
  • RB75
  • RB85
  • RT1
  • RT5 with 2 power levels 
  • RT5 with 3 power levels 
  • RT5R, RT5RV 
  • RT6
  • RT16
  • RT21
  • RT22
  • RT22 (FRS)
  • RT22S
  • RT23
  • RT24
  • RT26
  • RT622
  • RT68
  • RT668
  • RT76
  • RT76P
  • RT85
  • RT87
  • RT95 
  • RT95 VOX 
  • RT98 (VHF, UHF, FreeNet and PMR models)
  • RT9000D_136-174/220-260/400-490/66-88
  • Today this article will tell us how to change the poweron logo by Chirp for Retevis RT5R. 
  • 1. Download the Chirp software version depending on your computer system.  
  • 2.  Open Chirp application. the first thing need to download from your radio. Choose the Vendor " Retevis", and model "RT5R". There is a instruction window. 
  • when the software begin to cloning from the radio, at the same time, the radio led light is flashing red.
  • 3. Setting--Other settings--Power On message 1/2. Here only can enter 7 chars. If choose Message, it will show the message you set in the software. 

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