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Is There a Good Radio Recommend for Entry Level Amateur

Is There a Good Radio Recommend for Entry Level Amateur

We often get some questions said" is there a good radio recommend for me entry level amateur? Maybe you are just starting into ham radio and you have no clue what possibilities are even out there. Let us talk about it in this article.

You should know when and where you will use the ham radio? what is your ham radio purpose?

firstly, you may ask yourself,"what am I going to use the ham radio for?'' Will you go to hiking and camping? so maybe you need the protable ham radio. 

Maybe you are going to backpacking, or maybe you are also a volunteer with a search and rescue team, you maybe want something to put in your house you can monitor nearby ham radio repeaters. All of these things are going to impact what ham radio you will choose. 

 What do you think necessary for ham radio? 

1. Ham radio frequency. 

The very most use frequency in ham radio maybe 2m, 70cm,1.25m, and 3Mhz-30Mhz shortwave HF band. if for an entry level amateur, you can start with the UV band. The best way to figure out your needs is figure out what ham radio repeaters are in the area that you get lost in the most. for example in US, there have over 82.9% amateur radio repeaters including 2m,70cm and 1.25m band. 

2. VFO.

If the ham radio has VFO mode, it is very convenient to use when you want to hit a repeater in an emergency situation.

3. Power.

Most ham radio handhelds will transmit around 5 watts of power. Most mobile ham radios will operate around 50 watts of power. The power is releated to the usage scenario of your ham radio, mostly if you go out for hiking, maybe you need to take a high power radio. but if you travel with your car, you maybe need to install a high power mobile radio. 

4. digital or analog.

A big question that has become more of a topic in the past years is, “Do I want a digital or Analog ham radio?” If you are going to be doing any kind of adventuring, we highly recommend you choose a ham radio with dual mode digital and analog. Analog will fade in quality as you get further away from the repeater. In flat lands and cities, digital works amazing. You get an always crisp, clean, clear signal no matter how far you get from the repeater or the other person you are talking to.

Which ham radio will I choose?

In the most popular DMR ham radios, I will choose the Ailunce HD1 as my first entry amateur radio. It is a IP67 waterproof digital and analog DMR radio. the very important feature FPP, front panel programming, you can program almost all the things via the front panel. If you go travel to other cities, you need to find a computer, you can program this city repeater frequency into the radio. 

Ailunce HD1 review by Rowen Warren(KE0RTL)

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