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What functions of the Ailunce HS2 keys

What functions of the Ailunce HS2 keys

1.Power key

Long press to power on or off the tranceiver;

Short press to switch the standing wave table (VSWR), ALC, MIC audio indication.

2.BAND key

Long press to enter CW Setting

Short press to enter BAND Selection.

3.SPLIT key

Long press to enter FM_SET, such as CTCSS/DCS, and so on.

Short press to switch different frequency on or off.

4.0~9 numberic keys

Input the frequency via numberic keys directly.

5.PTT key

If you don't want to connect the mic, please press PTT to transmit directly.

6.AF key

Long press to switch to CH mode and VFO mode;

Short press to enter to Volume, MIC gain, MIC audio compression, ground bass, treble setting menu. 

7.RF key

Long press to enter AUDIO_SOURCE setting menu.

Short press to Radio frequency gain(RFG), Intermediate frequency gain(IFG), SQL, AGC, AMP setting menu.

8.R/X key

Long press to switch transceiver frequency deviation;

Short press to enter RIT receiving frequency offset, XIT transmitting frequency offset setting mode.

9.Mode key

Long press to enter NFM/WFM, USB/LSB, CWL/CWR switch;

Short press to enter mode setting mode. 

10.Tune key

Long press to start and stop Antenna tuner;

Short press to switch on or off Antenna tuner.

11.Up, down, left and right keys

Up key

Short press to choose up.

Down key

Short press to choose down.

Left key

Short press to do Left selection or decrement value operation.

Right key

In channel mode, long press to edit CH number and name;

Short press to do Right selection or increment value operation.

12.Menu key

Long press to go to Application interface and back;

Short press to confirm.

13.A/B key

Long press to do A frequency = B frequency;

Short press to switch to A or B frequency.

14.NR key

Long press to select Only display the spectrum, only display the waterfall chart, display the spectrum and the waterfall chart at the same time.

Short press to switch NR or NB options.

15.DSP key

Long press to turn on or off NB or NR;

Short press to enter NR, NB, PEAK setting.

16.PA key

Long press to switch to H or L power mode;

Short press to adjust transmitting PA ratio;

17.BW key

Long press to enter Spectrum bandwidth setting, spectrum reference level setting, spectrum refresh rate setting;

Short press to enter Digital filter setting mode.

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