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Is The More Features of The Walkie Talkie The Better?

Is The More Features of The Walkie Talkie The Better?

If you’re looking to buy a walkie talkie, you might be surprised by just how many different features. The seller will show lots of the features for every walkie talkie to manifest its value, including the basic features and some extra features. It might seem tricky finding your perfect radio amongst the hundreds of different options. These features cater to the needs of users who are curious and comprehensive, but actually reduce the quality and function of the walkie talkie itself.


What to look for when buying a walkie talkie? Is the more features of the walkie talkie the better?

The answer is no.

The walkie talkie is no like cellphone. The walkie talkie is essentially a kind of communication tool. The purpose is still to improve the efficiency of communication and information transmission in the job. The more complex something is, the more difficult it is to use.

If we want to use the walkie talkie for communication in the work, you only need to make sure the function you need is stable and reliable. We don’t want to the worker change the frequency at will, or listen music/broadcast at work, so the FFP and FM broadcast features are not required for us, even had better not.


Generally speaking, the fewer features, the easier it is to use and the better the price. We need to buy walkie talkies as our use circumstance.

As a ham, we may want to a walkie talkie which has more features and FPP. That’s another use circumstance.

In brief, the right is the best, it don’t depend on the number of features.

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