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How to set mixed receive for Retevis RT80?

How to set mixed receive for Retevis RT80?

Like Ailunce HD1, Retevis RT80 support FPP(Front panel programmable) function, too. so there are two ways to program the radio. today we'll program a mixed receive channel, the info as below.


TX Color code=RX Color code=1





TX=digital mode

Program in the software

If you want to program in the software, please download and install the driver and software at first.

Please copy the link to download the driver: retevis.com/USB_Driver/USB_universal_Driver.zip

Then open the software, click File=>Open, then select the RT80 Codeplug-20190222.cps file, the software will show all setting munu. we can set the DMR ID and Contact in DMR Services. then set the mixed receive channel that you want.

1: Set TX&RX frequency;

2: Channel Type setting. we can select digital, analog or Mixed mode. 

3: Tx Mode setting. If you select Mixed mode for channel type, you need select the item.

4: Analog channel setting. the TX and RX CTCSS/DCS setting items are here.

5: Digital channel setting. TX and RX color code, slot setting items are here.

6: RX Squelch mode setting. you can select Color code, Color code+ID or ID mode. 

If you select Color code mode, the receive channel can select different contact with different ID, but must have the same color code as transmit channel;

If you select Color code+ID mode, the receive channel must have the same Color code and contact ID as transmit channel;

If you select ID mode, the receive channel can set different color code,but must select the same contact with same ID as the DMR ID of tranmit channel.

7: TX contact setting. 

Program on the radio directly

If you want to program the radio directly, please check the item Front Programming as below.

Turn on the Retevis RT80=>enter the MENU=>Radio Set.

1. Press Radio ID Edit, set DMR ID=1;

2. Press Channel Edit, select the channel that you want to edit. then you can set channel Type, RX freq, TX freq, mix CH tx type, digital set, Analog set here.

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