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How to set MIC Gain of radios?

How to set MIC Gain of radios?

The mic gain is essentially the adjustment of the audio level that affects the amplitude, showing the level of the external sound. If the microphone gain is too large, it is easy to be distorted, and if it is too small, the effect will be worse if the noise is large. Therefore, it is extremely important to use techniques to set enough gain to keep the sound clean and full of vitality, without causing distortion or "pop" sound, and not destroying the sound quality and clarity of the sound. So under what circumstances do we need to adjust the microphone gain?

When the transmission is severely distorted

Recently, customer feedback that when Retevis RT73 uses the codeplug that he makes by himself to transmit, the voice received by other walkie-talkies is seriously distorted, but the transmission is normal after the factory code is restored. Is there a problem with the Retevis RT73 itself? The answer is of course no. There is a problem with the mic gain setting. You only need to increase the MIC Gain as below.

When there is a lot of background noise

Ailunce HS2 is a full-band portable shortwave radio station of Ailunce. Recently, when a customer sent a video feedback transmission, the other party always received overlapping sound, and there was slight distortion when listening carefully. Please set the Mic gain to a lower level. Normal after 20.

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