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How to Achieve Interoperability Between Different Models of Walkie-Talkies?

How to Achieve Interoperability Between Different Models of Walkie-Talkies?

How to achieve interoperability between different brands/models of walkie-talkies?

We all know that the default factory frequency of each manufacturer's walkie-talkie is different, even different models of one same manufacture's is different, so different brands of walkie-talkies can not communicate with each other directly. This is a concern of the majority of new hams. Let's talk it here.

The first thing we need to know is what are the requirements for radio communication.

For analog radio, we need to pay attention to two requirements.



For DMR radio, we need to pay attention to four requirements.


2.Color Code

3.Time Slot


(Different models may have a little difference about the requirements, but the main requirements are the same. If you are not clear, feel free to contact us. )

As long as these requirements are the same, you can achieve the communication between different brands or models. Since the walkie-talkies produced by different manufacturers set their own default frequency points and CTCSS/DCS in order to prevent mutual crosstalk, the radio bought in the market cannot be used directly. 

Some radios allow you operate it on the radio keypad, you can set the frequency by yourself and store it in the walkie-talkie, them you can use it. Some radios are not allow operate it on the radio keypad, at this time you need a programming cable and program the radio via radio software on the computer.

If you are really new for the radio, and don't know your radio current setting and don't know how to set another radio either. Refer to the following methods.

1.Give the information to the seller, and ask them help you program the radio.

2.Use the program cable read one radio setting information, copy the information to another radio.

3.Contact the seller, ask them online guidance.

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