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How to Call and Answer a CQ

How to Call and Answer a CQ

What CQ means? 

If you’re not a ham radio enthusiast or ham radio operator, you probably don't know what means to call CQ, and you’re probably wondering what to CQ mean. 
It is originally a Morse code abbreviation for calling anyone, so that’s what CQ means.  Now in ham radio, we use these letters the C and the Q together in Morse code still today but we also use them when we’re using voice modes that are when we’re actually talking on the radio to abbreviate for saying calling anyone. 
Calling CQ is the easiest way to get on the radio and talk to somebody if you’re not turning around the band’s looking for someone else calling CQ, you can find a clear frequency and call CQ and see if someone out there hears you. 

How to CQ?

As a ham radio enthusiast, do you still remember your first time CQ? 

1. A very important thing, before calling CQ, no matter what frequency it is, please confirm if other hams are calling on that frequency. If someone who is calling, please wait until finish his transmit. 

2. If you call any other radio, the general format of the call is: CQ,CQ,CQ,This is BI6KSS, Bravo India Six Kilo Sierra Sierra calling CQ and standing by. 

Answer: If someone who copy you, he will answer like : BI6KSS, This is BH6PJM, Good morning, and say something, then report your signal and QTH. They will call and answer something about the amateur radio content until say 73 to each other. 

3. If you call a specific amateur station, the format of the call is: BH6PJL, Bravo Hotel Six Papa Julia Lima, This is BI6KSS, Bravo India Six Kilo Sierra Sierra calling, please anaswer.  If he copy you, he will reply you. BI6KSS, this is BH6PJL. next say something QTH,signals. Normally talking about something legal amateur radio things. 

When answering a CQ, we normally report the signal report 59 or 59+. What does the signal report means?  

A very detailed explanation about Signal Report. Please learn to click below picture. 

As a licensed radio amateur, When I got my callsign, I did a CQ on our city Analog repeater. After I got my DMR ID successfully, I want to do a digital CQ, but unfortunately no digital repeater here. After several months, I learned MMDVM Hotspot. I ordered one MMDVM DMR Hotspot without any hesitation. Since then, I can CQ not only on an analog repeater but also on DMR Hotspot. If your situation is similar to mine, please consider to order an MMDVM DMR Hotspot


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