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Why Recommend you Retevis RT97P Digital Repeater

Why Recommend you Retevis RT97P Digital Repeater

When will you use a repeater?

In our daily use two way radios, sometimes we will meet the problem cant reach to other radios. How to do then? You can connect to a repeater, which nearby you. The repeater can expand your communication range. But if you want to expand the communication range between your teams and you do not want to connect to the public repeater, how to do?  Now you can consider Retevis RT97P protable digital and analog repeater. 

Why recommend Retevis RT97 digital repeater?


RT97 comes with a compact design,the weight is not over 3kg, it builts-in duplexer. 

2. User-Friendly Panel 

It has a small display which will display the channel name and channel mode on the screen. 

3. Multi-charger way

Not only Provide the car charger to help you build the repeater in your car, but also provide the DC12V~24V power. 

4. Customizable frequency.

The TX and RX frequencies can be customized between UHF (400-470MHZ) or VHF(136-174MHZ). You can order it based on your handheld radio working frequencies. It takes around half a month to customize frequency. 8 groups frequencies selectable.

What features does RT97P has?

1.8 channels

RT97P supports up to 8 channels with computer programming, and you can switch the channels on the panel. 

2.Support 3 channels modes. 

The RT97P supports analog and digital and ananlog+digital. It can receive not only analog signals but also digital signals. 

3.Support Car Charger 

If you want to use the protable digital repeater, the car charger can provide the power supply. 

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