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Two Way Radio Battery Types

Two Way Radio Battery Types

Two way radio batterys can be divided into lithium battery, nickel chromium battery, nickel hydrogen battery and so on.

Lithium battery: lithium battery is a common walkie-talkie battery, with the improvement of technology, the development of large capacity lithium battery also has certain results, there are a lot of 3.7V large capacity lithium battery walkie-talkie on the market.Lithium battery generally has a protective plate, as long as but put, or short circuit, etc., can prolong the service life.

Nickel-cadmium battery: Nickel-chromium battery can be recharged more than 500 times, economical and durable.Cadmium is toxic, so nickel-cadmium batteries are bad for the environment.So nickel-cadmium batteries have been basically out of the digital device battery application range.It also has a serious disadvantage, that is, if the battery is not completely exhausted before charging, it will create a few small bubbles on the battery plate, which over time reduce the area of the battery plate and indirectly affect the capacity of the battery.

Nickel metal hydride battery: nickel metal hydride battery is a good performance battery, no pollution to the environment, with good over discharge, over charge protection.Although nickel-metal hydride battery is indeed a good battery performance, but it is also best to charge after the use of power, and a full, to avoid half-charging use, will lose the life of the battery.

Generally speaking, lithium battery is the most convenient and the best battery in these kinds of walkie-talkie batteries.

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