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The Effect of the Gain Antenna on the Signal of the Walkie-Talkie

The Effect of the Gain Antenna on the Signal of the Walkie-Talkie

Walkie-talkies can be made more powerful by adding a gain antenna. Today, let us talk about why we say this? 

In practice, the intensity of radio radiation in the direction of communication is not only related to the output power of the transmitter, but also closely related to the performance of the antenna used in the system.  

The gain of the antenna increases the intensity of the communication wave, which is equivalent to increasing the transmitted power.

Theoretically, If a 5W walkie-talkie is equipped with a 10dBi gain antenna, and its transmission effect is almost the same as a 50W output with a 0dBi gain antenna. We can see the importance of antenna gain can be seen. 

On the contrary, If the power of the transmit radio is high, the receive radio power is low, then connect a high gain antenna on the receiving radio. it will enhance the receiving equipment's transceiver function. Therefore, the use of the walkie-talkie, the greater the power, the better, add a powerful gain antenna, then communication The effect becomes extraordinary. 

Therefore, installing a high gain antenna on the walkie-talkie can greatly increase the communication space of the walkie-talkie and greatly increase the communication distance. 

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