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How to set TX Authority of Ailunce HD1?

How to set TX Authority of Ailunce HD1?

There are four setting options for TX Authority of Ailunce HD1, including Always, Color Code, Channel free, Prohibit TX. If you want to set it on the radio, please set Busy Lock in the band setting. 


You can do transmission whenever you want, even interrupt others' transmission. 

Color Code

You can't do transmission when the same color code channel is doing transmission. Even if the two channels can't make QSO actually, that is said they only have the same color code, not the same contact. you still can't do transmission when other channels is doing transmission. 

Channel free

You can do transmission when the channel is free. it's said you can't do transmission when others are doing transmission who can make QSO with you in the same channel.

Prohibit TX

If you set the TX Authority of your Ailunce HD1 to Prohibit TX, no matter when you can't do the transmission.

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