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How to Set HD1 FM Broadcast without Computer?

How to Set HD1 FM Broadcast without Computer?

HD1 supports FM broadcast function. 

The frequency is 76-107.95MHz. It makes users to enjoy their free time. We know HD1 supports front panel programming. 

How to set the HD1 FM broadcast when there is no computer, or we are in the outside.

Turn on the radio, press Menu -> FM radio. We have opened the FM braodcast. the lcd uper will show a fm radio icon.


We can see the picture, there is a VFO, that means now the FM radio in VFO mode, we can write any frequency between 76-109.75MHz we want to listen.  If we don't know the frequency, we can short press the *scan key to pen the scan mode to find the frequency we like. when in scaning, press up and down key to switch scan direction.

Some people may ask, I don't want to scan every time, and I always forget the frequency. So when the radio scaned a frequency we like, can we save it? The answer is Yes.

How to save the fm channels via radio keypad?

When we find a frequency we like in VFO mode, Long press *scan key. If your radio show 01(only numbers), It means the channel is empty, we can save the current frequency as this channel. If your radio shows CH-01(characters adds numbers). It means the channel has saved the frequency, it is not empty, we can press the up or down key to select other numbers. The HD1 supports to save up to 32 FM broadcast channels.


After we saved some channels, Next time we can open the channels directly. How to switch VFO to Channel mode? Long press EXIT key to switch VFO mode to Channel mode. (If you have not save any channels, long press EXIT, there will be no response.), Press up and down key to switch the channels.


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