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Dual Band DMR FPP HD1 - LCD Display Icon

Dual Band DMR FPP HD1 - LCD Display Icon

What's the meaning of the icom on the radio display?

If the radio has the lcd display, we can know lots of information from the display. There are lots of icons, and different radios may have some difference. Here I will show you the HD1 display Icon.


The lcd display frequency indicates receive frequency. When there is no offset direction idon. that means the transmit frequency is same as the receive frequency. If there is offset direction icon, It means the transmit frequency is not same with the receive frequency. If you want to check the transmit frequency, you need press the ptt to say the red box.

As well, all the ctcss/cdcss icons on the display are receive ctcss/cdcss icon.

Hope it is clear for you know the HD1 display icon.

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