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Tips for the contacts display of Retevis RT3S

Tips for the contacts display of Retevis RT3S

Many customers think we only need to import and write the contact list into the Retevis RT3S, it will show contacts' information when we make QSO with them. it's not right. when we want to show contacts information on Retevis RT3S, we need to do all items as below.

1. Upgrade the firmware to CSV version

If your firmware of Retevis RT3S is REC version, the contact list can't show on the radio. Therefore, even if the local contact is selected in the channel, but the contact information cannot be found on the radio, and it still cannot be displayed.

2. Make sure the contact in the contact list

If you have downloaded the contact list on Ailunce web, you can find there are a total of 183,566 contacts for Retevis RT3S. now Retevis RT3S only supports 120,000 contacts, and can't import all contacts into the radio. so, please download the contacts you need to make sure the contacts you want to make QSO in the contact list.

3.Make sure the contact list importing successfully

After finish importing the contact list, please check the contact list on the radio. check steps are as below.

Menu=>Contacts=>ViewContactsCSV=>ContactsCSVList, the contact list will show as below. the 65535 is the total contacts that you import. please compare whether the total number of contacts is ok.

3. Turn on the CotactsCSV setting item

It's the most important and easy to forget point. the setting step is as below.

Menu=>Utilities=>Radio Setting=>ContactsCSV, select turn on to confirm.

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