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The First Impression HF SDR Radio Ailunce HS1 by M6CEB 1

The First Impression HF SDR Radio Ailunce HS1 by  M6CEB 1

Ailunce HS1 HF SDR Radio

The front of the radio is very intuitive.

A two band selection buttons next to the power on button allowing you to be able to quickly go through the different bands,

Below this we have 3 rotary knobsthat have a beautiful notched click to them, these can also be pressed for further functionality.

These knobs change a range of settings from volume, receive incremental tuning, RF and MIC gain to name a few.

Below these are a range of buttons that change options like operating mode, power level and the Band Pass Filters.

To the right of these we have five F keys, these are used to navigate through the menus, the display indicates what each of these buttons will control depending on what menu or setting you are currently on.

We also have a green and red LED on the front of the radio to the left of the screen, green for receive and red for transmit.

The display brightness can also be changed with a short press of the power button, the display is nice and bright for use outdoors.

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