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Retevis First Single Frequency Repeater is Coming.

Retevis First Single Frequency Repeater is Coming.

In a radio communication system, a repeater is a wireless receiver that is a combination of a radio transmitter that receives and retransmits signals, so that two-way radio can cover longer distances. Conventional repeater requires a transmitting frequency and a receiving frequency to forward signals. But except for single frequency repeater.

Single-frequency repeater, by listening to the name, you can see that it is a repeater that uses only one frequency to achieve the repeater function. It allocates one timeslot to receive a signal and the other to transmit it at the same frequency, using DMO mode to extend radio coverage.

Retevis RT74 as the first single frequency repeater is coming.

Lightweight, ultra-portable design, can be deployed quickly.

DMR system supports TDMA.

Support single frequency repeater mode (repeater function can be realized by using one frequency)

Power 20W/10W adjustable.

No duplexer is required.

Strong anti-interference ability, support encryption.

What's the special feature of RT74?

Light weight, super portable design---Only 3.2kg weight,super portable extremely light. 

Further communication distance---Unlike traditional repeaters and low-power small repeaters, RT74 repeater provides 20W of output power without TX power lose through the duplexer, and the improved Rx sensitivity which can reach long communication distance. 

Convenient power supply---RT74 built-in high performance power supply, with 110V~240V power supply, and it can automatically switch between DC and AC power supply; and also provides a 12V power supply interface easy to use removable battery;

2.0'' HD screen display---Use 2.0inch high-definition full-view IPS screen, the display is clear and delicate, and it's visible in the strong sunlight.

1600 channels and 100 zones supported.

Support Pricate call and group call.


Product number


Frequency range


Channel number




Channel spacing


working voltage 

DC 13.8V(±20%), AC 100-240V;

The antenna impedance


Overall dimensions

282 L* 241 W*56 H mm

frequency stability

±0.5 ppm


≥3.2 Kg


Rf power

High:20W, Low:10W

4FSK modulation system

Only data: 8K50F3E,

Voice and data:7K60FXE; 

FM Modulation

12.5Khz:8K50F3E; 25kHz:16KOF3E;

Modulation Limiting

±2.5Khz @ 12.5Khz;



-40dB @12.5khz, -45dB @25khz

Emission spurious

-36dBm ≤1Ghz/-30 dBm ≥1Ghz

Adjacent-channel Power

-60dB/12.5Khz -70dB /25Khz

Frequency Response

+1/ -3dB

Audio Distortion


Digital encoder



Analogue sensitivity

 0.225μV (12dB SINAD)

Digital sensitivity

(5% BER) 0.225μV

Inter modulation


Adjacent channel selectivity

60dB@12.5kHz / 70dB@25kHz

Spurious rejection

70 dB

FM hum &noise

-40dB@12.5kHz / -45dB@25kHz

Audio response


Rated audio output power

3W (loudspeaker)

Audio distortion

3% (typical)

Conduction stray


Email to info@ailunce.com if you have any question.


Comment user


Is RT74 analog or DMR? I need RT74 for analog.

Comment author



Comment user


Can RT74 monitor all programmed channels and repeat them individually? (meaning you are not limited to one channel selection and operationat a time?) Or multi watch / multi standby?

Comment author


Only can standby one channel.

Comment user


Need dual standby. Can enable dual standby in future firmware update?

Comment user


This is exactly what i need. I like that this repeater is single frequency, does not require duplexer and has flexible input electricity configuration :) What programming cable will be required?

Comment author


You need to buy the programming cable separately

Comment user


Is this a store and forward simplex repeater? Can it receive and transmit simultaneously?

Comment author


No duplexer, one time slot receive and one time slot transmit, simultaneously.

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Nigel Ballard

What is the US release date? What will the retail cost be? Will it ship with programming software (CPS) Cheers Nigel

Comment author

Vivian Author

The price is around $1199USD, and delivery cycle need 2 weeks. Then the software will be list on our website.

Comment user

Michael Stephenson

this looks great BUT how expensive will it be and when will it be available???

Comment author

Vivian Author

The price is around $1199USD, it will be available recently.

Comment user

Allister Watson

Hello , I am looking at the marketing your Ailunce single frequency repeater and have two questions. Does it have or support an IP network connection to allow communication with the Brandmeister network ? Is is available in VHF frequency 136 to 174 MHz ?

Comment author

Vivian Author

It does not support IP network to connect Brandmeister network. Yes, its VHF frequency is 136-174Mhz.

Comment user

David Hannan

And the cost is ? what programming is needed chirp ?

Comment author

Vivian Author

The price is around $1199USd, and we will list the software on our website then.

Comment user

Franklin Mink

It looks very good. Hope it works as well as it looks

Comment user


Can’t be the first, what about our 4m repeater, its been going for years (single frequency)

Comment author


Retevis First Single Frequency Repeater.

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