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Notice on the "5.5 China Amateur Radio Festival" air communication activities in 2020

Notice on the "5.5 China Amateur Radio Festival" air communication activities in 2020

Since 1940, every year on May 5th has become a festival for amateur radio enthusiasts in China-"5.5 Chinese Amateur Radio Festival". At that time, amateur radio enthusiasts nationwide will carry out a series of commemorative activities in various ways.

This year's "5.5 Chinese Amateur Radio Festival" is of special significance.

Firstly, this year is the 80th "5.5 Chinese Amateur Radio Festival";
Secondly, this "5. 5 Chinese Amateur Radio Festival" is in the global epidemic of the new coronavirus pneumonia.
In view of the impact of the current epidemic, the China Radio Association Amateur Radio Branch (CRAC) advocated that everyone celebrate and commemorate our common holiday by air communication during the May 5th China Amateur Radio Festival.

1. Activity time: 

To this end, We will be from 08:00 on May 1, 2020 to 20:00 on May 7 in some areas BnCRA (B1CRA, B2CRA, B3CRA, B4CRA, B5CRA, B6CRA, B7CRA, B8CRA, B9CRA, B0CRA) series of amateur radio stations were organized to carry out related commemorative communication activities.

2. Awards and Rules: 

This event set for Gold, silver and bronze award certificates.

The award level is set according to the number of QSO combinations that a single station connects to BnCRA.

The combination refers to the effective QSO composed of call sign, band and communication mode (for example, a QSO with B1CRA in the 20-meter band by SSB is a combination, and a QSO with B7CRA in the 40-meter band in FT8 mode is also a combination ).
It should be noted that, at different frequencies in the same band, all QSOs reached in the same communication mode with the same station are only counted as one combination.
For example, communications with B1CRA in SSB mode at 14.180MHz and 14.270MHz are calculated as only one combination. 

3. Certificate application criteria:

1. Bronze Award: more than 20 (inclusive) combinations and less than 40 (inclusive) combinations;
2. Silver Award: more than 40 (inclusive) combinations and less than 50 (inclusive) combinations; or more than 40 (inclusive) combinations but not all ten BnCRA stations;
3. Gold Award: more than 50 (inclusive) combinations, and Tonglian includes all ten BnCRA stations. 

Number of combinations confirmed, search site: http://mulandxc.com/crac/view 

4. Certificate application method:

For amateur radio stations that meet the award criteria and intend to apply for a certificate, please send an email to cq55@crac.org.cn before September 30, 2020.
The subject column states "call sign + apply for a 5 · 5 certificate", and the applicant's name, call sign, contact phone number, full address, postal code, screenshot of the applied award and website query are provided in the body of the email. 

5. Other


 (1) Through LoTW;

 (2) Return the card after receiving SASE or return the card via BURO after receiving the incoming card;

 (3) Mailing address of the card bureau: Beijing 100029-73 mailbox.

2. The award application only involves effective communication of the short-wave amateur service band.

However, our association (CRAC) advocates amateur radio enthusiasts to carry out a variety of communication and liaison activities on all amateur service frequencies including ultra-short wave bands, especially VHF and UHF bands during the event, to greet each other, promote amateur services, and celebrate us Own holiday.

3. The Amateur Radio Branch (CRAC) of the China Radio Association has the final right to interpret this activity. 

Source:Chinese Radio Amateurs Club

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