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Is There Anybody Listing to the Radio Broadcast Now?

Is There Anybody Listing to the Radio Broadcast Now?

Is there any body listing to the radio broadcast now?

Of course, there are still many people listing to the radio broadcast at present. 

On one hand, there are many listener on the bus and taxi. It is very common. On the other hand, the older are used to listen to the radio broadcast, they listen to the radio broadcast every day.The third is the amateur of radio broadcast, including the amateur radio(we also call them Hams), they both love the radio broadcast. There are many radio broadcast forums, and on the Baidu forum there are nearly 30,000 people, the post is very active too. The forth is some blind friends, because of their inability to see clearly, radio broadcast is a good way for them to get news.


Here, by the way, is the question of whether radio broadcast is going to fade away, and my conclusion is that it isn't.

First, when we listing the radio broadcast, we actually listen a culture, we call the culture radio broadcast culture. In some cities, especially developed cities, the quality of the broadcast is very high. We can know the city’s people, things and  culture, especially entertainment project, like eating, drinking and playing. These are all we can’t get from the internet easily or directly. There are so many information on the internet, even we don’t know which is better, what we should to read. Too much sometimes make us feel confused. On some high quality radio broadcast channel, they will help us to  judge, and give us some more useful information. 


Second, Broadcast as a means of emergency, it can achieve information transmission when the normal communication is break off in natural disasters such as earthquakes. 

So, In my opinion, the radio broadcast will not going away. It may be integrated into the cell phone, or it can exist in other ways.

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