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Getting to know Bluetooth

Getting to know Bluetooth

What is Bluetooth? 

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard invented by Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson way back in 1994. It was originally created to replace older wired protocols such as RS-232 which were used to exchange data over short distance. Bluetooth uses a process called ‘pairing’ to connect two devices together wirelessly.

Bluetooth uses Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio waves in the frequency range of 2.4 – 2.485 GHz to communicate between both portable and fixed devices up to a distance of 10 meters. This is an important difference from Wi-Fi which is a different standard intended to replace high speed computer networks.

Bluetooth has a wide assortment of benefits such as no wires are needed, allowing for seamless and fuss-free communication. Also, since Bluetooth synchs automatically it creates less of a distraction and reduces the risk for injury and accident. You don’t have to remain tied to a landline, or even your two-way radio. With Bluetooth you can enjoy much greater activity level and range of motion while still maintaining direct access to communication. 

How does Bluetooth work? 

In order for a Bluetooth connection to be established between devices they must both be Bluetooth enabled. This means that each device must have the necessary electronic circuitry to transmit and receive the UHF radio signals and the software required to convert these signals into meaningful data for our applications to work. Any device that is Bluetooth enabled will usually be clearly marked with the Bluetooth logo in its packaging, user manual or possibly on the device itself. A Bluetooth device will also have a set of controls in its user interface for turning on, turning off and ‘Pairing’ the Bluetooth connection.


Bluetooth is designed for very low power use. The range of bluetooth transmission/reception typically will only be 10m – about 30ft. High-powered Bluetooth devices will enable ranges up to 100m (300ft). Considering the design philosophy behind Bluetooth, even the 10m range is adequate for the purposes Bluetooth is intended for.


Bluetooth has become popular across many types of devices. It can be used in the home to connect computers to printers, speakers and other peripherals.

In recent years, Bluetooth technology has been used on wireless two way radios.  Such as on Ailunce HD1, you can connect a Bluetooth adapter. 


another example, on Retevis RT78, it can be program on APP via Bluetooth. 


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