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AK02 Key Transmitter Morse Code CW Auto Paddle Keye

AK02 Key Transmitter Morse Code CW Auto Paddle Keye

The AK02 automatic keys are designed to be compact and easy to operate, and can be used with accessories according to different environments. 

There are strong magnets around, the user can be equipped with a base and other stable installation, reliable performance, low price. It is the first choice for ham radio CW morse code. You can put it on a piece a metal, it will be very stable when you transmitting. 


body size: length 60x width 50x height 30mm (excluding double paddle protrusions)

Main material: PLA plastic

Automatic key body weight: 0.2kg (with strong magnet)


Output interface: 3.5 two-channel audio jack


If you have the audio cable, you don't need to buy. If you not, you can buy a audio cable with the AK02 automatic keys.


You can click the link to buy:https://www.ailunce.com/ak02-auto-Paddle-Keye

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