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The new channel display method on Ailunce HD1

The new channel display method on Ailunce HD1
Q&A: I just got my HD1 with GPS i would like it not to display the Frequency each time it receives a signal on a channel. i just want the display to show the channel name not frequency -- is their a way to do that ? please let me know.
How i want to get rid of this display or the frequency? 
We update the display method on the HD1 firmware V1.77 after we receive these suggestions.  
First, download the firmware, make sure use the correct version with your radio version, GPS version radio please download GPS version firmware. and non GPS download non GPS version firmware.
and then follow the correct update firmware operation: https://www.ailunce.com/blog/upgrade-hd1-firmware 
First, you can check the Rx display is different than previous firmware.  On V1.77 firmware, when receive a signal on a TG. You can see it will more clear to know who is transmit and its ID. 
Next, how to set display the channel name on the Rx screen. 
From above picture, you can see that the Rx screen will follow the CH-mode you select. You can see the different between the two version firmware. But please note this kind of Rx screen display only works on Channle mode, not work on VFO mode. 


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Hello Your Ailunce HD1 DMR radio is one fantastic radio easy to program and easy to operate. Increasing the contact address book from 200000 to 500000 would be fantastic. Mark 2E1CEQ

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thanks, we will consider it.

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