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How to slove the problem of password of Retevis RT3S

How to slove the problem of password of Retevis RT3S

Like many amateur mobile radios, Retevis RT3S can also set the power on/off password and read/write frequency password, but what if you forget it?

Forgot the password for power on/off 

If you forget the password for power on/off, please contact customer service directly to ask for the universal password. If the universal password can't be solved, we can cancel the password for power on/off setting item in the software and directly write the radio to solve it.

Forgot the password of the programming

If you forget the password of the programming, we need to find the RT3S software installation package, and then solve it by modifying the software setting file. The specific steps are: open the RT3S software installation package = "find the setting.ini file =" find password=0 => modify It to password=password, then save and write to RT3S.

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