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FPP Ailunce HD1 Switch DMR and FM in VFO mode

FPP Ailunce HD1 Switch DMR and FM in VFO mode

Ailunce HD1 is dual band DMR radio. We can almost do anything without the computer.

HD1 has true VFO mode. It allows you to do almost all settings without PC. Edit frequency, CC, Ts, Contacts, Rx Group List, Offset, Save Channel, Delete Channel etc.

When HD1 shows memory mode, we can short press EXIT key to switch memory(channel) mode to VFO mode, or switch VFO mode to memory(channel) mode. 

A lot of radios only support set the VFO DMR or Analog mode via software. Once done, they can't switch them via radio keypad. HD1 has no this problem, It support you switch them via radio keypad directly.

When in VFO mode, long press the EXIT key to switch DMR mode to FM mode, or switch FM mode to DMR mode.

In a word,

Short press EXIT-> Memory / VFO switching

Long press EXIT in VFO mode -> FM / DMR switching.
Within a menu, the EXIT is used to exit the menu.

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