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Ailunce HD1 Shortcut Key

Ailunce HD1 Shortcut Key

Ailunce HD1 shortcut key

Ailunce HD1 is an amateur radio, Dual Band DMR Radio, Analog and Digital Combined Radio.

Ailunce HD1 has a lot of highlights, like the FPP( front panel programmable) function. If you are outdoor or you want to program the radio but without PC, this FPP will help you! It is very convenient.

HD1 has 16 keys keypad, and one PTT button and two side keys. Except for their basic functions, some keys have special functions or several keys combinations can achieve special function. 

Here I will show you the HD1 shortcut key

  1. Short press EXIT -> Switch memory mode and VFO mode

  2. Long press EXIT(in VFO mode) -> Switch DMR and Analog

  3. Short press SCAN -> Switch main channel and sub-channel

  4. Long press SCAN -> Start scan mode

  5. Short press #LOCK -> Switch single standby and dual standby

  6. Long press #LOCK -> Lock the keypad

  7. Press PTT(in the menu) -> One key back to the home page

  8.  Press PTT, Side Key 1 and turn on the radio at the same time, the radio will get into DFU mode.

  9. Press Menu, EXIT and turn on the radio at the same time, the radio will get into initializing page

  10. Press Up and Down Key(in scan mode) -> Switch scan direction

If you have any problems with the HD1, feel free to leave the message to us.

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