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Category Archives :Product Introduction

How to connect a Bluetooth Earphone to Ailunce HD1

If connect a Kenwood 2-pin Bluetooth Earphone to Ailunce HD1, you need to connect a audio adapter firstly.  ...

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Retevis RT72 Digital GPS Dual Band DMR Radio

A new DMR model Retevis RT72, it is an upgrade of Retevis RT84, it has GPS function, and supports 130,000 digital contacts.  ...

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How to Set HD1 Radio Caller Information Display Time?

When we check the "No RX Info when Operating Menu", there will be no caller information display when your radio receive a signal. Uncheck it, and we can set the receive information display time. It means how long the information box display after every communication.  ...

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Handheld and Car Radio Antenna Adapter Connector

Build your own equipment, It's fun and rewarding. Among the various homemade devices, the antenna is our most common.Today let's take a look at a variety of antenna adapter.  ...

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Retevis RT77 Body Worn Camera with Night Vision

Retevis RT77 is body worn camera with night vision. It is suit for law enforcement, police, security guard, motorcycle and bike enthusiasts. it with night vision camera 120 degree angle, fast charging and 8 hours recording.  ...

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MiNi 1300 Touch Screen Antenna Analyter

Mini1300 4.3" LCD 0.1-1300MHz HF/VHF/UHF ANT SWR Antenna Analyzer Meter Tester.  ...

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Retevis RT93 (Mobile Piggyback) Digital Private Network Base Station

Retevis RT93 (mobile piggyback) digital private network base station is coming. It is very convennient for you to use it when you are outdoors. Now let's take a look.  ...

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What's the Special Features of Retevis Mini Mobile transceiver RT98

Retevis RT98 is the Mini mobile car radio, it is the analog model with 199 channels, lots of functions can be edited by manually. It is an affordable mobile radio, only USD69 you will get it.  ...

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Mini Mobile Ham radio 15W amateur radio transceiver RT98

Retevis RT98 Mini Mobile Radio UHF 400-490MHz Transceiver 15W Two Way Radio This mini amateur mobile radio especially designs for drivers and it pursues company philosophy of innovation and practicality. This new Micro-sized mobile car radio, will be the best choice for hams and drivers.  ...

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How to use Kenwood 2 Pin Speaker Mic on Ailunce HD1

How to use Kenwood 2 Pin Speaker Mic on Ailunce HD1? You need to buy an audio adapter SA29 first. It can let you use the Kenwood 2 pin connector speaker mic on Ailunce HD1.  ...

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