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Which mode is Ailunce HD1 in when you program it?

Which mode is Ailunce HD1 in when you program it?

We know when we upgrade the firmware or initialize the Ailunce HD1, the radio need to be in the right mode, such as it must in DFU mode, when we upgrade the firmware. Then when we program the Aliunce HD1, must the Ailunce HD1 be in a particular state?

Program Ailunce HD1 via front keypad

When we program Ailunce HD1 via front keypad directly, we need to turn on the radio normal and switch it to VFO mode via EXIT key. but what's VFO mode?

There are two ways to confirm if it's VFO mode.

1. Menu=>Main Set=>Voice, select ON and confirm via MENU key. then when you switch to VFO mode via EXIT, the announcement will prompt frequency mode.

2. There are two standby mode for Ailunce HD1. if the radio shows as below, it's in channel mode; otherwise it is in VFO mode.

Program Ailunce HD1 in software

If you program your Ailunce HD1 in software on PC, please turn on your radio normal, and make it enter standby mode. now both are ok whatever the radio is in VFO or channel mode.

PS:Don't enter DFU mode when you program your Ailunce HD1.

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