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What software do you need for Ailunce HD1?

What software do you need for Ailunce HD1?

As Ailunce HD1 becomes more and more popular, many customers leave us messages on Ailunce web recently, such as what software do I need for the HD1. Today I'll show more detail about the software for the new user of Ailunce HD1.

What software do you need for Ailunce HD1?

First, please check your firmware version as below. We suggest you to upgrade the firmware to the latest version. the firmware revisions record please refer to the URL as below.


firmware version-Ailunce HD1.jpg

Then if you want to program your radio on PC, you need to install the specialized driver and software of Ailunce HD1

Where and how to download them?

You can click the picture to download the driver, firmware, and software.

Software download-Ailunce HD1.jpg


  1. Please check your system detail when you install the driver. there are vista, XP, and window 7(Applicable to win10 system)versions to select;

  2. Please select the right versions of firmware and software. there are HD1(gps) and HD1(no-gps) versions to download whether it is software or firmware;

  3. when you upgrade the firmware, the radio is in the DFU mode; but when you program your radio, you just need to turn on it normally

Any other questions please leave a message, or email to us: hams@ailunce.com


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Since I Updates both hd1, no PMR or dcs is received anymore. Factory reset and old Firmware die Not solve the Problem. Any Suggestion? I used sdr to troubleshoot but sdr tells me corrupt protocol but is receiving at least something. Thx

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my hd1 gps with a firmware upgrade lost reception sencivility from -140db to now -80db, please can you help me with some tune software to be able to adjust it thanks 73

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Yolanda Author

What's your current firmware version? We have no upgrade to the reception sensibility. Show us more information about it. we will confirm it. 73.

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