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Roaming Function on Retevis RT73

Roaming Function on Retevis RT73

Roaming is when a radio is set to automatically move between repeaters depending on which has the strongest signal. In the roaming system you have to set the RSSI (Received signal strength indicator) threshold which is minimum signal strength that the radio will consider to be strong enough before it starts searching for a stronger signal. Roaming function is a safety feature on the mobile radio.  It has roaming fucntion on Retevis RT73. 

How to set roaming function on Retevis RT73 

1. Download RT73 software from Retevis RT73 support page. https://www.retevis.com/Retevis-RT73-Mini-Mobile-Radio-with-GPS/#A9203A

2. Open the software, go to Basic Paremeter to set the Roaming Mode, RSSI Set. 

RSSI threshold:

When the radio on Auto roaming scan and scanned the largest RSSI value in the member of [Scan/Roam list], it will lock to the current member channel with the largest RSSI value and stop the strong signal automatic roaming. Then radio will initiate Repeater Check Timer for handshake confirmation with the current channel repeater based on your preset connect times. If a handshake is not confirmed with the repeater within preset connect times, the radio will restart the strong signal automatic roaming search for a repeater with the largest RSSI in the member list.

Maximum: - 90 DBM,   Minimum: - 125 DBM,        Recommendation: - 100 DBM

3. Roaming list. In RT73 software, scan list here is same function as roaming list. You also can understand roaming is for scanning repeater signals. In the roaming list, if you begin roaming, the radio will begin to scan the repeater channels. 

4. Preset button Roam on/off. Alough we can select on or off roaming in the softwar, but it is very convenient to preset a side button to begin roaming when driving. 

If you have any other questions on RT73, please email to info@ailunce.com

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