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Reverse frequency function on Ailunce HD1

Reverse frequency function on Ailunce  HD1


In our Retevis/Ailunce Club for Amateur Hams facebook group, got a customer who suggest HD1 could allow reverse repeater operation by pressing a key. 

When I see this post, firstly I checked what is "reverser repeater".  I thought is similar to Talkaround function. But they are very differenent.

Repeater Reverse

An occasional problem with repeater operation is when a weak transmitter doesn’t have enough power to keep the repeater’s squelch open.  That is, you can tell someone is there but hear little or no signal.  Could be that the transmitter is in a sheltered location, doesn’t have a good antenna, or using too little power.

For whatever reason, they can’t break through with a strong enough signal to be heard.  If you suspect this is happening, you can try listening to them directly instead of through the repeater.  It’s possible that you are closer to the weak transmitter than the repeater is. Recall that a repeater re-transmits what it hears on a different frequency. 

 The difference in transmitting and receive frequencies is called repeater offset and this minimal difference is needed to allow for sharp filtering between them so that the strong transmit signal doesn’t damage sensitive receiver circuitry.

By selecting reverse on a transceiver you then listen to the repeater input frequency instead of its output.  In this manner, you can get the weak transmitter’s true signal strength and quality, not what the repeater re-transmits.  This assumes that you are receiving better than the repeater, which is a possibility but not a certainty. 

Useful when you want to see if a weak signal is attempting to get into a repeater.  Even if they can’t get through, a net control operator (or you) can tell them what’s going on since it’s likely they can hear the repeater.  In an emergency, somebody on the net might be able to copy them on the reverse and relay their info. 

For example, if the uplink frequency of the repeater is 434M and the downlink frequency (ie, the listening frequency) is 439M, then after using the reverse frequency, we will receive 434M and transmit on 439M. In this way, we directly listen to the other party's uplink frequency instead of the frequency that is relayed. The other party's direct frequency is not relayed, because we have not turned on the repeater.

Above information comes from newhams.info.

The HD1 firmware V1.61 has already add this "Repeater Reverse" function.  You can donwload from below link: https://www.ailunce.com/Support/HD1/Software 

You can set key Define to "Reverse". If turn it on, this channel will display a "R" icon. 


Thanks for the amateurs who give us any effective suggestions. If you have any question or suggestions, please email to info@ailunce.com

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